The Sola universe touches breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as at-home and in-office dining. The forthcoming Sola Caffé will offer the best of the Italian barista arts — taking the coffee experience to a new level, accompanied by cornetto and other daytime delicacies. Lunch and dinner at Sola Pasta Bar will offer the furthest-ranging "limited" menu in Italian cuisine: insalata, antipasti and primi — to save room for dolci, there’s no need for secondi. Full of only farm-to-table seasonal ingredients, daily specials keep the menu ever-evolving and fresh.

Chef Sola's experimental nature can best be found at Sola Lab, a gastronomic testing center that could be conceived only by a man who is part Michelin-starred chef and part mad culinary scientist.

The Lab comprises one big, state-of-the-art kitchen that will offer sumptuous, innovative at-home and in-office Italian meal service, both for delivery and to go, with specials that changes not with the seasons but rather daily. It will also serve as Sola creative center, crafting new recipes/dishes for the Pasta Bar.

Whether dining at-home or in-office, one will be able to experience a Michelin-starred restaurant experience thought a delightful journey of genuine Italian tastes, flavors and cooking techniques. Meals from Sola Lab are an unparalleled culinary experience that can be enjoyed anywhere you desire.